Behavior Design for Climate Action

Free training for climate innovators and organizers taught by Behavior Design expert BJ Fogg, PhD.

Trainings happen several times a year
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Listen to BJ Fogg on My Climate Journey Episode #78

In this podcast episode, BJ Fogg and lab member Will Shan join host Jason Jacobs to talk about this Behavior Design for Climate Action training.

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Who is Teaching?

BJ Fogg, PhD, is the founder and director of the Stanford Behavior Design lab.

BJ’s landmark book from 2002, Persuasive Technology predicted how computers would be used for influencing human behavior. His research—the first-ever series of experiments on how computers could change people’s attitudes and behaviors—won Stanford’s Maccoby Prize and spawned an international academic conference, going on 10 years now.

Since then, BJ’s work has shifted to human behavior more broadly. He currently teaches innovators about human behavior—through models and methods in Behavior Design—so they can create products to help people be healthier and happier. His focus areas include health, financial well being, learning, productivity, and climate change.

In January 2020, BJ published his New York Times Bestselling book, Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything, which draws on decades of original research and personal experience coaching thousands of others to share what it takes to wire in a new habit and what (tiny) steps anyone can take today to start their own life-changing transformation.

Fortune Magazine named him a “New Guru You Should Know

Why Are We Doing This?

For a long time, BJ has wanted to help professionals working in climate action. With his new book Tiny Habits finished and now in circulation, he finally has the bandwidth to start this training series.

The training is completely free. BJ and his colleagues just want to help you be more effective in your climate action work.

You will learn the Behavior Design system, which will teach you to design for real, sustained, and impactful behavior change that moves the needle on the climate crisis.

How Will It Work?

BJ will lead five 55-minute sessions. They’ll take place every other Tuesday via Zoom.

A sample schedule might look like this:

— Session #1: January 28th, 11 AM PST
— Session #2: February 11th, 11 AM PST
— Session #3: February 25th, 11 AM PST
— Session #4: March 10th, 11AM PST
— Session #5: March 24th, 11AM PST

You will learn Behavior Design models and methods that BJ created over many years, and you’ll see how to apply those to your projects in climate action.

Who Should Apply?

This training is for professionals who:

  1. Are currently working *full-time* on climate action issues
  2. Can attend *all five* of the training sessions
  3. Feel strongly that their current work or project needs this training! Behavior Design is best applied to *practical work*, not research.

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If you have any questions this page didn’t answer, please reach out to Stanford teammate Will Shan, who is project managing this training.

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